A remote team app

PukkaTeam provides realtime team presence through automated, regular webcam selfies and one-click video calling.



“PukkaTeam has replaced Sqwiggle for us just in time. And it works even better!”

For remote or distributed teams

Do you have a large team spread throughout a building or campus, or a remote team working from home or another part of the world? PukkaTeam keeps you connected, recreating the office atmosphere. Helping remote workers feel like part of the office community.

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See who’s available

PukkaTeam keeps you connected, it keeps your office presence by incrementally updating a snapshot and with intuitive face recognition can tell who is and isn’t at their desk. No more transferring calls to an empty desk.

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Real team presence

PukkaTeam lets you see the faces of the people you work with throughout the day, giving you real presence, improving company culture and team building!

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